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How to Assess and Improve Your Marketing Investment | MARKETING AUDITS


A marketing audit is particularly useful to establish a strategic program for companies that lack a formal marketing planning or evaluation process.  Since the audit compares results with expectations, it is necessary to do some groundwork before proceeding with metrics and a tracking program. The starting point is the marketing audit.

The audit is a complete review of marketing strategy and tactical plans.  The audit can be used to initiate a formal marketing planning process and program, and then can be repeated on a periodic basis.  Most marketing audits can be performed annually, or may extend out for –three- to five-year periods. 

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Why This Denver Marketing Agency is Disrupting Marketing

I’ve been on the client side for almost my entire career, so I’ve sat in our customers’ shoes. I’ve experienced the pain marketing leaders are facing:

  • Aggressive goals to grow revenue
  • Not enough budget to achieve these goals
  • Not enough tech savvy team members
  • Not enough hours in the day to even try to get it all done

Matrix Marketing Group Wins TrackVia Account

Leading Provider of a Mobile Quality Control and Process Management Platform Selects Matrix Marketing Group for Marketing Services

DENVER, CO – December 10, 2015 – Matrix Marketing Group, Inc., a performance-driven Denver marketing agency, today announced that TrackVia, a Colorado-based company that provides a leading mobile quality control and process management solution, has hired Matrix Marketing Group for marketing services including marketing strategy, lead generation, and content marketing.

B2B Leads Do Grow On Trees

Every fall my family likes to go to the local orchard and hand pick apples that grace our table with the tart-sweet crunch of Fuji, Crispin and McIntosh.

I was reminded of this annual fall event when a CEO said to me last week, "If only sales leads grew on trees." I laughed, but it started me thinking about apple picking, the fruits of our labors, and how, with the right amount of cultivation, a well-developed b2b leads and sales strategy can yield as many leads as an orchard of apple trees.

How to Generate Sales Leads that Rock

Sales leads should be like Christmas music during the holidays -- you should find them everywhere.

To find out how to generate sales leads, start by looking at your sales history. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where have our sales leads traditionally come from?
  • Are those leads declining or increasing?
  • What type of people or businesses buy our products and services?

Once you have the answers you'll be able to figure out how to find more leads. Understanding your target buying audience is the first and most crucial step toward developing a more effective lead hunting process.

The CMO's Role in Technology

Marketing is becoming one of the most technology-dependent functions in business. In 2012 the research and consulting firm Gartner predicted that by 2017, a company’s chief marketing officer would be spending more on technology than its chief information officer was. That oft-quoted claim seems more credible every day.

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Matrix Marketing Group Wins Twinstar Account

Leading Enterprise Content Management Integrator
Chooses Matrix Marketing Group for Marketing Services

DENVER, CO. – November 10, 2015 – Matrix Marketing Group, LLC, a performance-driven Denver marketing agency, today announced that Twinstar, Inc., a Colorado-based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) company, has hired Matrix Marketing Group to provide marketing services including marketing strategy, lead generation, and sales enablement.

5 Quick Ways for B2B Companies to Generate Quality Leads

Let's face it, quality B2B leads are your company's bread and butter. Unfortunately, they can also be a marketer's worst nightmare. 

Matrix Marketing Group Wins SCApath Account

Leading Consulting Firm Signs Matrix Marketing Group as Marketing Partner

DENVER, CO. and BOULDER, CO. – November 3, 2015 – Matrix Marketing Group, LLC, a leading provider of marketing solutions for growing revenue, today announced that SCApath, a Boulder-based consulting firm that specializes in supply chain solutions, has signed an agreement with Matrix Marketing Group to provide marketing services, including strategy, sales enablement and content marketing.

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5 Ways to De-Stress Your Marketing Team

If you're marketing team is feeling the pressure, that's bad for business. Effective marketing requires both creative energy and efficiency, and neither is fueled by stress. The modern marketing team is increasingly accountable for the bottom line, and that larger responsibility is best weathered by a team that has the right tools.

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