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How Winning Companies Close the Strategy-to-Execution Gap

What Prevents Companies from Executing Their Strategies?

Altogether now: "All we have to do now is execute." So speak executives and managers in high-tech executives throughout the land(s) every day. It sounds like a litany - because, for some mysterious reason, it's so difficult to do. Though I have alluded to it occasionally in past editions, I have not previously presented an analysis of the reasons why technology organizations experience such difficulty executing even apparently straightforward decisions, whether it's related to launching a new product, entering a new market, or putting a new alliance relationship into practice. So in this latest Back to Basics article, I shall explain what I see as the causes of the problem, then talk about one or two keys to enhancing the "actionability" of management's decisions on a day-to-day basis.

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A Letter to the CMO of a Software Firm from the CFO

Salespeople Only spent One-Third of Their Time Selling Last Year - What?

From field sales reps to operations to sales leaders to marketing managers, everyone is on the hook for revenue growth and flawless execution. So what's driving these trends to move toward a new modern sales methodology?

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10 Things to Include in your Manufacturing Marketing Strategy

Generating a comprehensive marketing strategy that stands above the noise in an over-populated manufacturing industry can be difficult. Time is a scarce and precious resource so focusing your project efforts is a must. But how can you measure the return on investment of your marketing programs? With today's competition setting the bar higher than ever, your manufacturing marketing strategy needs to be exhaustive. Don't worry, though, Matrix Marketing Group has compiled what your marketing strategy needs to succeed. So take a quick step back, and dive into this challenge head-on. This is part one of a two part series.

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Marketing and Sales Alignment Is Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why!

How to Eliminate the Sales and Marketing Silos and Boost Your Teams Performance for Technology Companies

You've heard this before, the "he said, she said" debate between sales and marketing. CEOs feel like they are a counselor or referee. Ask each member of the team and you might get a different answer why the functional sales and marketing teams are not aligned Just look at the photo above, what do you see?

CMO tenure jumped from 45 months in 2013 to 48 months last year. That's double the CMO tenure from 2004, the year Spencer Stuart began formally tracking it. As in past years, Spencer Stuart based its data on an analysis of tenure of CMOs of the top 100 U.S. advertised brands.

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Content Marketing Road Map - How to Build Your Own Content Plan

Content marketing’s moment has passed, yet it remains extremely important  for most B2B and B2C companies. By telling your brand story and differentiate it, you have to start thinking like a media company when it comes to content. For many marketers that have not worked in public relations or for a media outlet so this can be a challenge. Start with your brand story and build out your content marketing plan and you will be ready to go.

Content is not any less relevant than it has been. In fact, content spending will grow exponentially over the next few years. And yet, marketing budgets make up only a fraction of the money spent on content by a typical company in a given year. 

I'm going to run you through some of the basics and a process to build a robust marketing content strategy. 

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Marketing Technology Landscape [Supergraphic - 2016]

Say what? — 3,874 marketing technology solutions in the market and they are all crammed onto one slide!

This slide is eye-opening, as the marketing technology landscape has grown two fold in the past year alone! Our friend Scott Brinker was able to fit 3,874 marketing technology solutions onto a single slide, making last years infographic outdated beyond belief. Seeing 3,784 marketing technology solutions on a single slide will give most small businesses a somewhat queasy feeling.

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Agile Methodology For Marketing Can Take You to the Next Level


In today's high-tech world, the pace of communications is accelerating rapidly. The development of the Internet as a communication channel has led to people who are highly connected to each other and expect instantaneous results. Instead of managing television, radio and print campaigns, marketers must also pay attention websites, search engine optimization, social media, mobile communications and more. If you are on a marketing team for a company in the traditional manufacturing space, this will affect the way you promote your products. The methods by which you manage the workflow has to change in order to respond to market disruption and innovate on the fly. 

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5 Great Articles About Marketing Automation (2016)

CEOs today are anxious to harness the power of digital platforms and the data they generate to drive growth. As a result, leading marketers that have embraced a data- and technology-driven approach are being asked to lead digital initiatives that cut across the organization, helping raise the awareness and underscore the strategic importance of marketing technology in the process.

The promises of automated marketing and marketing automation software are big: more leads, more conversions, more sales … less work.

The field of Marketing Automation is growing at an astonishing rate. Looking for insight into the current state of Marketing Automation, the market and statistics on adoption and use. 

91% of the most successful users agree that marketing automation is “very important” to the overall success of their marketing across channels. – Marketo & Ascend2 “Marketing Automation Strategies for Sustaining Success” (2015)

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How to Assess and Improve Your Marketing Investment | MARKETING AUDITS

A marketing audit is particularly useful to establish a strategic program for companies that lack a formal marketing planning or evaluation process.  Since the audit compares results with expectations, it is necessary to do some groundwork before proceeding with metrics and a tracking program. The starting point is the marketing audit.

The audit is a complete review of marketing strategy and tactical plans.  The audit can be used to initiate a formal marketing planning process and program, and then can be repeated on a periodic basis.  Most marketing audits can be performed annually, or may extend out for three- to five-year periods. 

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Why This Denver Marketing Agency is Disrupting Marketing

I’ve been on the client side for almost my entire career, so I’ve sat in our customers’ shoes. I’ve experienced the pain marketing leaders are facing:

  • Aggressive goals to grow revenue
  • Not enough budget to achieve these goals
  • Not enough tech savvy team members
  • Not enough hours in the day to even try to get it all done


30 Ways To Generate B2B Leads