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PR and SEO strategies are bleeding over to each other. In fact, we believe that SEO is now more PR than what was once called “SEO.” This service is designed to help you gain velocity with both.

Maybe you’ve been doing public relations on your own, hired a freelancer, or worked with a retainer-based PR agency and just have not seen the results you expected. But before we go any further let’s be upfront. This type of program is not for everyone. To be successful using a Pay for Performance PR program one must ask them self the following questions.

  • Do I have a public relations (PR) program in place and have I worked with media outlets before? Or maybe a PR agency?
  • Do I know our buyer(s) persona?
  • I’m I aware of where our prospects and customer get information about our products/services?
  • Do I have a monthly public relations budget?

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