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Do you want to grow efficient, predictable, revenue faster? While it might come as a shock, little about the average business’s structure is actually aligned around doing this. They are ignoring the big elephant in the room: real revenue growth.

Take this staggering statistic: Forty percent of sales reps’ time is actually spent figuring out where to spend their time. If this were the case on a factory floor, where nearly half of a plant’s robots were stuck ‘processing’ where to drive their bolts and welders – there would be some serious retooling of the plant.

It’s time to do the same in the way a business produces revenue.

Who actually has their finger on the true pulse of your revenue growth investments (i.e., marketing and sales spend) and results across the entire revenue process – from prospects to leads to the pipeline to revenue?  What if you spend more money on pay-per-click ads today, how much revenue will come next quarter? Should you hire more sales reps or add four more webinars next month? Is it even possible to answer these questions so marketing is as transparent, measurable, and accountable for revenue growth as sales? In a single word, yes.

While you are taking care of your customers, we help you get more of them. Let’s partner together.

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