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Our proven framework enables shorter sales cycles, larger deal sizes, higher close rates, more focused resources, and increased profitable revenue growth by achieving all these improvements simultaneously.




The Discovery phase entails building a data advantage by pulling in relevant information, analyzing the data, turning it into business insights, and then turning those insights into action. The discovery needs to be based on a complete understanding of today’s customer decision path through the buyer's journey. In this stage, we do our homework to ensure success. 

  • Complete a marketing assessment
  • Buyer decision path analysis
  • Assessment of skills gap



The Design phase involves developing marketing strategies, processes, pricing programs, products, and experiences that the brand delivers to customers. Matrix Marketing Group’s experts start with the ideal customer profile (ICP) and buyer personas–how they behave, what their needs are, and what influences them. 

  • Strategy–goals, objective, programs, and budgets
  • Branding–personas, content assets, and messaging
  • Workflow design and lead scoring
  • Define and segment the ideal customer profile
  • Profile personas
  • Setup performance metrics and tracking
  • Resource allocation, project center, and set up campaign tracking

 How we do it 




In Delivery phase, it’s all about getting the right offerings to customers across a range of online and offline touchpoints and channels. Orchestrating the delivery of products and offers across marketing channels requires operational excellence and organizational agility.

  • Execution of programs
  • Resource and KPI tracking
  • Reporting and evaluation

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Agile Methodology - Marketing

Agile Methodologies for Marketing

Matrix Marketing Group addresses your specific business  goals. We are nimble, action-oriented and can quickly leverage real-time marketing opportunities. Everyone on the team has a clear view of the future and becomes a seamless extension of your team.

Agile methodology for marketing drives long-term marketing strategies with short-term, customer-focused iterative projects that improve responsiveness and relevance. It allows us to provide faster creative, more testing, smarter improvements and better results.


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