Our Approach is Through Agile.

We use an agile project management approach to help our clients improve their marketing performance.

We help you propel growth through digital marketing.

Our agile marketing approach allows us to get more done, get the right things done, adapt to change and improve communications with our clients.


This stage is about destination thinking. Where you want to go. It entails systematic planning. We start by building a data advantage by pulling in relevant information, analyzing the data, turning it into relevant business insights, and then delivering those insights into action. The discovery phase needs to be based on a thorough understanding of today’s customer decision path. In this phase, we do our homework to ensure success. Here is the highlight of the discovery phase:

  • Complete a marketing assessment
  • Analyzes the data to identify the opportunities
  • Prioritize marketing goals
  • Conduct discovery research


Involves the creation of strategic marketing activities, agile marketing processes, pricing programs, products, and experiences that the brand delivers to customers. Matrix Marketing Group’s help you figure out where you are going and then doing it. Here is the highlight of the design phase:

  • Calculate marketing budget
  • Building marketing scorecard
  • Set prime goal values
  • Define and segment the target audience
  • Branding–personas, buyers journey, content assets, and messaging
  • Catalog digital content assets
  • Develop project center and campaign tracking


In the delivery, phase, our agile marketing approach is about getting things done. Getting the right message and offerings to your customers across a range of digital touchpoints and channels. Orchestrating the delivery of your product or service offerings across marketing channels requires operational excellence and organization that understanding agile processes.

  • Launch marketing campaigns
  • Iterate ideas and programs based on data, not on what we think
  • Reporting marketing campaign performance
  • Adapt activities based on performance

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