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The Best Advice I've Ever Received About B2B Sales

B2B Sales Need Some Love

Every fall my family likes to go to the local orchard and hand pick apples that grace our table with the tart-sweet crunch of Fuji, Crispin, and McIntosh. Handpicked apples are the best! Now, what the heck does that have to do with B2B lead generation?

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Wordpress Alternatives - 51 CMS Competitors

Find the right CMS platform for your brand

Just because more websites are hosted on Wordpress than any other CMS, doesn't mean it's right for everyone. Luckily, no matter what niche market you are in, there are plenty of alternatives to Wordpress floating around. Some of them you've probably heard of and others are just waiting to be discovered.

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The 7 Step Website Redesign Checklist Everyone Should Use

Sales Won't Improve Just From a Website Facelift

The decision has been made and you’ve received a blessing from your executive team. Your website redesign initiative is a go. So where will you take it? Have you thought about utilizing a website redesign checklist?

More often than not a website overhaul is just a visual re-work. Things might feel dated, out of order, or simply not come through the way you want your company to be represented. In this case, marketing departments or web designers commonly go through the motions and only give the website a superficial face lift. They’ll research the web and pick a new template, which likely looks better but doesn’t do much for your marketing beyond that. Even if you have a tight budget or small time frame, this approach is short sighted and misses out on a huge opportunity.

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How to Improve SEO in 2017

Google Search Changes and Improving Search Rank 2017

The buzz on the web for the past few weeks seems to point to the death of PBNs (private blog networks). This is the second such act where Google has targeted PBNs, the first was in 2014. A PBN leverages, what is considered to be the most important ranking factor in Google’s organic search to rank ahead of the competition. How is it done? Every website needs to be renewed, usually on an annual basis. If the owner doesn't renew it, the page rests in a state of limbo. Any person can use a website like GoDaddy, NameSilo, etc. to pick up the dead site.

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The Best Social Media Management Tools

Does Your Business Care About Social Media Management?

According to Facebook’s latest stats, there are over 1.87 billion are subscribers. That is an enormous audience who is easy to reach when the right tools have been put into place. Facebook recently released a statement saying they had 1.23 Billion active daily users more than a 75% increase from the 699 million daily active users on average in June 2013. If I haven't made my case and point yet, there were an additional 1.74 billion monthly active users who were on Facebook mobile products as of this month. These are users on only one of the many social media platforms on the market. If your company needs social amplification then there is nowhere better to start than with social media management tools.

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Social Media Strategy Template: Your Guide For Success

Social media might seem like a crowded arena to try and make your voice heard, but with the right tips and tools, businesses can develop a unique brand that will help them to gain a devoted social media base, and reach thousands of potential new customers. At Matrix, we've watched and learned from organizations mistakes as social media marketing hit it's stride. The digital distress stemming from quick social media growth has allowed us to layout a social media strategy template that provides the steps for success.

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17 Myths About Useless Websites

Useless websites are killing your sales pipeline

While we have all heard about B2C e-commerce soaring in popularity over the past couple of years, the lesser known B2B digital commerce has quietly been creeping up in importance. Businesses haven’t caught the trend, as it seems that useless websites are still running rampant. This leaves proactive executives with an opportunity to overtake their competition in a key business segment. Utilizing a customer-centric website is a differentiator almost as important as a company's value proposition (no, you won't be the lowest cost provider forever). 

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How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Revenue Growth

Is your business ready for revenue growth in the upcoming year?

According to Bloomberg, only 2 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses succeed. The other 80% cannot make it past the first 18 months. From the beginning, the odds are against you. Only 5% of businesses are able to grow revenue to $1 million. If you think that is modest, only a slim .001% make it to $5 million in revenue growth. Small businesses face adversity and the unknown. It can be a lonely climb, and determination is just the beginning. Are you prepared for to do what it takes?

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Product Positioning Strategy - The Invisible Influencer

Can Product Positioning Strategy Influence Buyers?

The short answer is of course. More importantly, though, is the analysis backing up your product positioning holding accurate. There are numerous strategies that companies use, none of which are so-called "better" in a generic sense. Being able to define the product maneuverings that best match a business' messaging is critical to explaining that product's perceived values. Not only is it crucial towards developing future marketing initiatives, but the adverse effect of not creating a product positioning strategy substantially decreases the utility of the goods.

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Does Your Brand Positioning Actually Sell?

Does your brand position and messaging actually sell? Can your customer understand and explain what you do and how it's different from alternatives in the market?

With an effective branding you can create experiences that transform your organizations and the lives of individuals.

Every business has a brand. Your customers, potential customers, and employees already have a perception of what your business means to them. What comes to your mind when you hear “German Automobile” or “Computers”?

It might be a brand or it might be an emotion. Whatever you chose at the time has a position in your mind. Now ask yourself why you chose that computer or automobile. You might find it interesting. The brand positioning is a very powerful thing.

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