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5 Key Steps to Building A Brand Identity


The Value of Branding

Brands are the most valuable asset a company owns, according to the Economist. In fact, they make up more than 30 percent of the stock market value of companies in the S&P 500 index. While stock market values may not mean much for small to mid-sized companies, there is no denying the benefit of having a well-established brand.

Building a strong brand foundation is a vital part of building any business. Whether you’re company is about to launch its first product or has been established for years, if it doesn’t have a distinct personality, it could easily become just another face in the crowd of millions of other companies.

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12 Essential Questions to Answer with Social Listening

Today’s companies know how to listen better than ever to create quality marketing messaging, connect with current and potential customers, and understand how people are talking about their company. How do they do this? They ask the right questions. 

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Intro to PPC: A Beginner’s Guide to Pay Per Click Advertising

Have you been trying to move to the top of Google’s first page without any luck? Maybe you don’t have the time, resources, or the talent needed to invest in an in-depth SEO strategy, which can take months of planning to execute well. If you need results quickly, pay per click advertising (referred to as PPC from here on out) offers an alternative method that helps you attract consistent traffic from people who are searching for your product, service, or content.

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Website Redesign Strategy: The Tried and True 7 Step Process

How do I start a website redesign?

Organizations don't spend thousands of dollars and months worth of time on building their website with the intention to simply make it look pretty. They'd have seriously miffed investors if that were the case.

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Attract, Convert & Close: 6 Inbound Marketing Best Practices

The high-speed evolution of digital marketing tactics challenges professionals at every turn. Yet in the consumer-focused world of online business, it is imperative to keep up with changing trends, and remain on the cutting edge of marketing technology.

9 B2B Social Media Marketing Tips to Boost Your Social Media Presence

In previous years, companies often believed social media marketing was reserved for the B2C sector, but B2B companies have been wiggling their way onto social platforms and many are finding great success. Stand-out examples include General Electric and IBM, but you don’t have to be a huge corporation to find success on social media. In fact, 54% of B2B marketers have generated leads with social media marketing and 40% of those who generated leads have generated revenue. To deliver these results, you must first put in the work.

Denver Startup Week Wrap Up: Another Successful Year

Denver Startup Week (DSW) came to an end last Friday, and this year’s event was bigger and better than ever. Every year, the event manages to break another attendance record and 2017 was no different. Organizers announced this year’s event had 18,900 registered attendees (a 42 percent increase from 2016), 372 events across 81 venues, and more than 99MM social media impressions. DSW is now the largest free entrepreneurial event in the U.S. 

Manufactured In Vermont Trade Show In Review

What Happened In 2017?

The 2017 Manufactured In Vermont Trade Show just wrapped up without a hitch. The conference which targets manufacturers, supply chain professionals, OEMs, and industrial contractors hit a milestone of 100 exhibitors and 600 attendees this year. They are officially the largest manufacturing-based trade show in the Green Mountain State.

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Reorganize Your Website Architecture with Topic Clusters

The Shift from Keywords to Key Topics

Google Search algorithms are constantly changing to match the needs and behaviors of consumers. Throughout the years, search terms have evolved from disconnected, unnatural terms, such as “restaurants Denver,” to long fully-formed sentences or questions like, “Where should I eat in Denver tonight?” Consumers expect search engines to understand their intentions, rather than just recognize keywords.

Support Female Founders in the Startup Community

Building a Case for Women in Leadership

Recent studies show that including women in positions of leadership within a company is more beneficial than having all-male teams. For example, venture firm, First Round Capital, published a study after analyzing 300 companies and nearly 600 founders that revealed women outperform their male peers. Specifically, companies with a female founder performed 63 percent better than other investments with all-male founding teams.[Tweet this]

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