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Best WordPress Plugins and How To Choose Them

There are over 29,000 WordPress plugins available for download today. You can search "best-plugin" lists for days, but do you know how to choose what is best for your self-hosted WordPress site? 

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Dispelling the Myths of Pay for Performance PR

The Truth About Pay For Performance PR

A quick Google search about Pay for Performance Public Relations (PR) will drop you down a rabbit hole into hundreds of posts about the downsides and negatives of this model. Unfortunately, the content in these posts are misleading and often plain wrong. I will be covering this subject in the context of the Matrix Marketing Group Pay-for-Performance Public Relation program only. I have not reviewed nor analyzed other programs in the market for this post.

That being said, Performance based PR is not for every organization. Let me just say, I’m sure there are PR programs and PR agencies that fall into what has been reported. But, I’m here to dismiss the myths and explain my position on this matter. There are benefits and drawbacks to each pricing model. So, let us dive into the most common misconceptions that litter the digital space.

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Performance PR: The Benefits and Drawbacks

Performance Based PR is Out There, But is it Right For You?

Shortly before his death, Edward Bernays, often called the father of Public Relations, said: “Public Relations cannot step boldly into the new century without first reevaluating what it is and where it is going.” Nineteen years later, “where it is going” seems increasingly clear:

Charge clients only for Public Relations (PR) that produces results. Better known as a performance PR model.

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10 of the Top Colorado Manufacturing Companies [List]

Colorado Manufacturing Companies on the Rise.

The Rocky Mountains are brimming with manufacturing innovation. In 2015 NAM recorded almost 5,000 Colorado manufacturing companies, producing $23 billion worth of goods, and accounting for 5.6% of the State’s employment. Many of the nation's top performing firms are producing their products in Colorado due to a highly skilled workforce and local Universities pumping out competitive innovations. That’s why it isn’t a coincidence industrial startups are popping up in every corner of Colorado as more and more businesses are finding success within its borders.

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12 Inexpensive But Important Activities While Marketing For Startups

Marketing For Startups

Marketing can be a tricky game for new and growing startup. Often times it might seem like the cost of marketing efforts outweighs the benefits that it brings. Luckily, there are many effective ways to greatly expand your reach and rewards from marketing. All it requires is a well made marketing strategy and an innovative mind! At the end of the day, whether you have a funding backed startup or just pulling together , you must market your business.

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A Small Marketing Budget Can Drive Results

7 Ways to Get Results: From a Small Marketing Budget

You already know you need marketing, but the question is how much do you need? What marketing activities will get you to your goals? To create a marketing budget look at how much you can potentially spend and think about what goals you want to reach. Say for instance, if I spend $100 I want to make at least $150 in sales. Because, without a return on investment your efforts are wasted.

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33 Startup Resources You Can’t Live Without [List]

Startup Resources Are Everywhere.

Startups don’t have a lot of money to waste, so they have to get a little creative. It can be hard to succeed in your industry when it feels like everyone else has a more sophisticated, and expensive tool set than you. But, don’t underestimate the free and inexpensive startup resources available on the web!

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Marketing Agencies are Changing Due to New Expectations

Marketing Agencies Need to Prove Value

It’s all over the trades. Marketing agencies are facing consolidation. Clients are demanding fluid, “Uber-like” on-demand agency relationships. When big manufacturers and branding gurus like Procter & Gamble Co. and Kimberly-Clark Corp. change the way, they are working with their agencies, the marketing, and advertising world takes note.

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Your Customer Journey Mapping Needs An Update [List]

The Customer Journey Mapping Process

There is no such thing as a linear path when it comes to a customer's journey. Nothing is static, and nobody researches a product the same way. It’s clear that a lot of marketing, as we previously knew it, has drastically changed because of prospects access to digital information. Where we used to focus on the set steps of the sales funnel, we now have to reach our customers in places, and in ways, that directly relate to their own experience.

Now, it's all about staying connected at any touchpoint, at any time throughout the buying action.

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60 Inbound Marketing Services That Have Killed Cold Calling

A comprehensive list of inbound marketing services.

Okay, maybe killing cold calling is a slight exaggeration. However, there is one point I won't debate, cold calling effectiveness has never been stellar and it's continued decline has been amplified by new digital trends. This shift in the marketing landscape has made us dig deep into Matrix's inbound marketing service playbook and pull out every inbound tactic that we've previously provided our clients.

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