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George Schildge

George Schildge

George has worked closely with CEO’s and others to help them craft and communicate the company’s vision and brand. Turning that vision into a long-term strategy for capitalizing on current markets and pioneering new ones for the company to dominate. George meets with sales and marketing leadership to help them measure and analyze productivity and effectiveness. George works with clients to ensure success, help them create the product roadmap, create market positioning, as well as sync with the CFO’s to determine budget trade-offs with a goal of continually improving results. This collaboration across the entire management team ensures that our clients decide true ways to grow revenue with a crucial long-term perspective in mind. George’s experience includes working at IBM, Ohmeda, Sun Microsystems, CoCreate Software, Baan Business Systems, and Matrix Marketing Group. During these affiliations, he gained experience in developing, launching and managing a company's business and marketing strategy and funding plans for products and services. George is involved with Startup Grind and TechStars both powered by Google for Entrepreneurs.

Recent Posts by George Schildge:

33 Startup Resources You Can’t Live Without [List]

Startup Resources Are Everywhere.

Startups don’t have a lot of money to waste, so they have to get a little creative. It can be hard to succeed in your industry when it feels like everyone else has a more sophisticated, and expensive tool set than you. But, don’t underestimate the free and inexpensive startup resources available on the web!

Topics: startup

Marketing Agencies are Changing Due to New Expectations

Marketing Agencies Need to Prove Value

It’s all over the trades. Marketing agencies are facing consolidation. Clients are demanding fluid, “Uber-like” on-demand agency relationships. When big manufacturers and branding gurus like Procter & Gamble Co. and Kimberly-Clark Corp. change the way, they are working with their agencies, the marketing, and advertising world takes note.

Topics: marketing agency

Your Customer Journey Mapping Needs An Update [List]

The Customer Journey Mapping Process

There is no such thing as a linear path when it comes to a customer's journey. Nothing is static, and nobody researches a product the same way. It’s clear that a lot of marketing, as we previously knew it, has drastically changed because of prospects access to digital information. Where we used to focus on the set steps of the sales funnel, we now have to reach our customers in places, and in ways, that directly relate to their own experience.

Now, it's all about staying connected at any touchpoint, at any time throughout the buying action.

Topics: buyer journey customer journey

Marketing Executives Are Going Extinct, and Here's Why

Traditional Marketing Executives Are Dropping Like Flies

I recently read an article that marketing executives are getting a new role – the Chief Growth Officer. It means the average marketing executive job description has changed, and there are plenty of references to back that up. Sure it’s been mentioned over the years, but now CMOs and marketing leaders are being held just as accountable for revenue growth as sales teams.

Forbes has gone over this evolution, stating the CMOs that have a “traditional” approach, are already being left behind. In fact, marketing leaders hold one of the highest position turnover rates in both corporate and startup companies. Why is that?

Topics: cmo

How to Develop Your Marketing and Sales Pipeline

Has your sales pipeline been struggling?

If your sales pipeline has been struggling to fulfill quotas you might be utilizing outdated tactics. Take a couple of minutes out of your day and watch our webinar: How to Build a Sales and Marketing Powerhouse. Delivered by George Schildge and Matrix Marketing Group.

Topics: sales pipeline

Conduct Your Marketing Audit With Accounting Principles

Marketing Audit: Why Accounting Principles Are Useful.

Let's be honest for a second, marketers are rarely excited about finance or accounting. It's been that way for a long time, for better or worse. We have goals and KPIs, and go to the C-suite every year with the expectation that a certain budget is needed to acquire those goals. Yet, every year it turns into a dance. There's no marketing attribution and no way to tell how much your efforts really paid off.

Do you think maybe it's time for a marketing audit? What's working, what needs to be trashed, and how the heck do you track it all with consistency?

Topics: marketing audits

Best URL Shorteners: Make Use of UTM Code

URL Shorteners: Going Beyond the Shortlink

I originally wrote this article with the intent to discuss the advantages of using the URL shortener, and while this service is still relevant, over the years new competitors have popped up within the market. In many cases, they provide similar and arguably better functionality. For people using Hootsuite there’s, for LinkedIn users there’s, and of course, there are the big players like Bitly.

Like many things in life finding the "best" is relative. As every user wants or needs different features, there is no black and white. Of course it’ll depend on whether you’re looking for a service that works for free or if you’d rather go up stream for a paid option. So, the question has become, which link shortener is right for you?

Topics: Marketing Technology

Build Business Leads Through Social Selling

Drive Better Leads Through Social Selling

There are a myriad of reasons a company should have a presence on social media. If done correctly you'll become an industry thought leader, prospects can find you easier, nurturing business leads becomes second nature, and customer support is implemented on the fly. Each reason is valid, and every business leverages their social accounts differently. The first thing we need to get out of the way is the difference between social selling and social advertising. Often in business and life, semantics and jargon can make things somewhat convoluted. So, let's quickly clarify.

Topics: lead generation

Signs You’ve Found Your Next Marketing Team Leader

Finding a Marketing Team Leader for Your Business

A marketing leader is the personable, detail-oriented professional you want on your team. To be sure there are many skills that are unique to a marketing leader and their position on your team. However, this post takes a dive into both skills that are universally desired in leaders as well as those that are specific to a marketing team leader. It's hard to find the right candidate for any position.

We dump countless hours into reviewing resumes, skimming through social channels, interviewing, and calling on referrals. All of it is done in the name of finding the perfect match. Yet, it's hard to identify if a leadership candidate truly fits the mold.

Topics: cmo

7 Tips to Increase Website Traffic

Increase Website Traffic With 7 Simple Tips.

Every company reaches a point when they need to ask themselves:

Am I driving new website traffic? Is it high-quality and targeted traffic? Is the traffic converting into sales? And if not, how can I improve to maximize my efforts? That point should be brought up early on and repeated often.

Topics: lead generation

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