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Michael Doucette

Michael Doucette

Michael is a senior marketing major at Champlain College. Interested in marketing automation and SEO.

Recent Posts by Michael Doucette:

Digital Marketing Trends You Need To Know

Fast Growing 2017 Digital Marketing Trends

Marketing is fast paced, always adapting, and pushing the limits. You'll find top marketers trying to use the latest innovations in software and hardware to reach audiences wherever they are. The rapid pace of the industry means that to keep up everyone needs to understand their market segment and which trending strategies are going to help their business meet and exceed goals.

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How to Improve SEO in 2017

Google Search Changes and Improving Search Rank 2017

The buzz on the web for the past few weeks seems to point to the death of PBNs (private blog networks). This is the second such act where Google has targeted PBNs, the first was in 2014. A PBN leverages, what is considered to be the most important ranking factor in Google’s organic search to rank ahead of the competition. How is it done? Every website needs to be renewed, usually on an annual basis. If the owner doesn't renew it, the page rests in a state of limbo. Any person can use a website like GoDaddy, NameSilo, etc. to pick up the dead site.

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Burlington Innovation Week & Tech Jam - Wrap-Up

Centered around the largest city in Vermont, the Burlington metro area isn’t all that large — Burlington has only 42,284 residents, and about a quarter of them are students at the University of Vermont — but it does have a strong culture of entrepreneurship and tech. The Ben & Jerry’s ice cream franchise began here in a renovated gas station. This Northeast tourist destination makes the list because of its high number of tech-related patents, the third highest for 1,000 residents in our top 10 list. The area also enjoys a slightly above-average density of tech start-ups.

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How to Integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM With HubSpot

HubSpot provides a large cache of tight integrations with partner platforms, but of course, they haven't yet created an interal combination that you are looking for. For the many users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, this is the case. Luckily, Scribe Software offers a solution that makes the integration of HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics CRM possible. Integrating an automated marketing system like HubSpot, with an advanced CRM system like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, expedites the process of data flowing from the marketing team to the sales team. The idea is to get more done at a  faster pace without the need for emails, calls, or face to face interactions. For businesses dependent on the alignment of marketing and sales teams, the integration of these two platforms is invaluable.

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HubSpot Demo