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Tommy Burns

Tommy Burns

Recent University of Vermont graduate with an interest in marketing, information systems, and entrepreneurial development.

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Wordpress Alternatives - 51 CMS Competitors

Find the right CMS platform for your brand

Just because more websites are hosted on Wordpress than any other CMS, doesn't mean it's right for everyone. Luckily, no matter what niche market you are in, there are plenty of alternatives to Wordpress floating around. Some of them you've probably heard of and others are just waiting to be discovered.

Topics: Website Design

17 Myths About Useless Websites

Useless websites are killing your sales pipeline

While we have all heard about B2C e-commerce soaring in popularity over the past couple of years, the lesser known B2B digital commerce has quietly been creeping up in importance. Businesses haven’t caught the trend, as it seems that useless websites are still running rampant. This leaves proactive executives with an opportunity to overtake their competition in a key business segment. Utilizing a customer-centric website is a differentiator almost as important as a company's value proposition (no, you won't be the lowest cost provider forever). 

Topics: Website Design

Product Positioning Strategy - The Invisible Influencer

Can Product Positioning Strategy Influence Buyers?

The short answer is of course. More importantly, though, is the analysis backing up your product positioning holding accurate. There are numerous strategies that companies use, none of which are so-called "better" in a generic sense. Being able to define the product maneuverings that best match a business' messaging is critical to explaining that product's perceived values. Not only is it crucial towards developing future marketing initiatives, but the adverse effect of not creating a product positioning strategy substantially decreases the utility of the goods.

Topics: Brand Positioning Product Positioning

Marketing Assessment Health Check... Terrified of Visiting the Doctor?

An annual physical "health check-up" is more often than not a point of contention. You start to hear your mother's voice in the back of your head, "have you been eating enough veggies? What about exercising? You have too much stress built up." Of course, that doctor visit is inevitably delayed another year. Telling yourself what's the worst that can happen? But we all know the adverse effects of not keeping up on our mental and physical well-being. You might not be surprised to discover that a marketing assessment is the business's equivalent to the yearly physical. That's right; your company is terrified of visiting the doctor.

Topics: Marketing Assessment

It’s Time to Revolutionize Your Company's Marketing Technology Stack

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn to navigate the extensive marketing technology landscape.
  • Apply practical steps to your company’s marketing technology strategy.
  • Is it time to revolutionize your company's marketing technology stack?

Marketing technology has been around for a while now, but recently there has been an explosion of solution offerings. You can find everything from one-off specialization systems to an all-in-one interfaces. Martech enthusiasts already know there are over 4,000 options, and that has been an exponential increase from 2015. What we might not know is the choice paradox states: Too many options has a negative effect on satisfaction. This occurs because too many options increases time and effort spent on decisions, which leads to increased anxiety, larger expectations, and self-blame. Ouch...

Topics: Marketing Technology

Marketo vs. Hubspot: The Marketing Automation Battleground

How the Top Marketing Automation Tools Compared

The process of picking a marketing automation platform is complicated, to say the least. Anyone who knows how to use Google can come up with a quick list of the top tools, but do you know how overwhelming that list can become? The short menu provides us Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot, Act-On, Eloqua, and Infusionsoft - not to mention the new unique open source and free alternative Mautic, I just came across. Even if we stuck solely with this VERY insufficient sample, the difference of services offered is enormous. To keep things simple let's review the two predominantly used tools on the market; Marketo vs. Hubspot.

Topics: Marketing Automation Hubspot

The Top 10 Manufacturing Blogs On The Web

The Best Of The Best

What makes the best manufacturing blog? That can signify a rather subjective question that remains dependent on whom you ask. There are hundreds of manufacturing publications, many of which deserve acknowledgment for their unique positioning and industry perspectives. Lucky for you, though, I love digging through analytics and putting data points behind my decisions. This top manufacturing blogs list has pulled the most read, talked about, and shared websites to one location so they can duke it out for the first place spot. 

Topics: manufacturing marketing

How To Use Hubspot Sales

The Correct Way!

Hubspot's pet project Sidekick has recently taken the stage as the full-fledged sales service: Hubspot Sales. The average review rating has been less than glowing, coming in below two stars since its release. Our first reaction at Matrix Marketing Group was to investigate how a well-liked marketing automation solution, like HubSpot, could be voted down so quickly. The comments read similarly to "Useless", or "Destroyed my experience, no choice but to uninstall!" That is a strong, negative response that could be easy to piggyback and naturally users could move onto another solution.

Topics: Hubspot Sidekick Hubspot CRM Hubspot Sales

10 Things to Include in your Manufacturing Marketing Plan

A couple of weeks ago we put into place the first five steps of our manufacturing marketing plan (Check it out here!). We took into overall account strategy and then started to dive into the tactical underlying processes for each section. To recap, we discussed the importance of:

  1. Situational Review
  2. Current Marketing Report
  3. S.M.A.R.T Goals
  4. Buyer Personas & Target Audience 
  5. Software Stack Selection
Topics: Marketing Plan Audit manufacturing marketing Manufacturing

10 Things to Include in your Manufacturing Marketing Strategy

Generating a comprehensive marketing strategy that stands above the noise in an over-populated manufacturing industry can be difficult. Time is a scarce and precious resource so focusing your project efforts is a must. But how can you measure the return on investment of your marketing programs? With today's competition setting the bar higher than ever, your manufacturing marketing strategy needs to be exhaustive. Don't worry, though, Matrix Marketing Group has compiled what your marketing strategy needs to succeed. So take a quick step back, and dive into this challenge head-on. This is part one of a two part series.

Topics: manufacturing marketing Manufacturing Marketing Strategy

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