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It’s Time to Revolutionize Your Company's Marketing Technology Stack

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn to navigate the extensive marketing technology landscape.
  • Apply practical steps to your company’s marketing technology strategy.
  • Is it time to revolutionize your company's marketing technology stack?

Marketing technology has been around for a while now, but recently there has been an explosion of solution offerings. You can find everything from one-off specialization systems to an all-in-one interfaces. Martech enthusiasts already know there are over 4,000 options, and that has been an exponential increase from 2015. What we might not know is the choice paradox states: Too many options has a negative effect on satisfaction. This occurs because too many options increases time and effort spent on decisions, which leads to increased anxiety, larger expectations, and self-blame. Ouch...

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How to Integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM With HubSpot

HubSpot provides a large cache of tight integrations with partner platforms, but of course, they haven't yet created an interal combination that you are looking for. For the many users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, this is the case. Luckily, Scribe Software offers a solution that makes the integration of HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics CRM possible. Integrating an automated marketing system like HubSpot, with an advanced CRM system like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, expedites the process of data flowing from the marketing team to the sales team. The idea is to get more done at a  faster pace without the need for emails, calls, or face to face interactions. For businesses dependent on the alignment of marketing and sales teams, the integration of these two platforms is invaluable.

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Marketo vs. Hubspot: The Marketing Automation Battleground

How the Top Marketing Automation Tools Compared

The process of picking a marketing automation platform is complicated, to say the least. Anyone who knows how to use Google can come up with a quick list of the top tools, but do you know how overwhelming that list can become? The short menu provides us Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot, Act-On, Eloqua, and Infusionsoft - not to mention the new unique open source and free alternative Mautic, I just came across. Even if we stuck solely with this VERY insufficient sample, the difference of services offered is enormous. To keep things simple let's review the two predominantly used tools on the market; Marketo vs. Hubspot.

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Hubspot COS vs. WordPress CMS

David or Goliath - Which CMS is right for you?

Like any implementation of technology first and foremost is deciding whether it will suit your business goals and address your challenges. Choosing a Content Management System (CMS), to manage your website and integrate with marketing efforts is no different. Some are simply a better fit than others.

On the surface, a CMS allows you to create website designs, pages, blogs and resources, and then manage them accordingly. It lets you publish this content to the world, so your business has a presence and can be promoted however you choose.

While there’s an abundance of options out there tailored to the size of your business, its potential for growth, and level of marketing sophistication needed, in the end, there are two that stand apart.

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3 Content Marketing Case Studies That Prove You’re Doing Content Wrong

The age of static websites and marketing is dead and gone.

The reality is that even the best content without context may not be that successfully. Context is all about understanding how you’ve already engaged with them, the relationship you’ve already had, what devices they’re using, and using that have a more intelligent conversation. The result is a much more engaged relationship with customers.”

- Jeremy Crane, VP Product for Marketing Products

Would you make the same old sales pitch to a prospect when you could easily find out what their needs are? So why would you do that on your website?

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It’s a Wrap - Denver Startup Week

I've seen many interesting changes since the early 80's for our Colorado startup community. Channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn were not even a twinkle in anyone’s eye. The Internet was character based, and you had to network the good old fashion way face-to-face, eye-to-eye. And that’s where the best networking occurs, even today.

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How Systems Integrators, Consultants, and Manufacturers Can Use Twitter


Do you know how to use Twitter for business if you’re in the manufacturing and industrial marketplace?

If you don’t know, the manufacturing industry has already started using Twitter as it is the new way to promote, connect, and brand a company. If you're a system integrator, VAR, or consultant, and marketing in the manufacturing space, and not using Twitter then your company is missing out.

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The Changing Face of Marketing in the Manufacturing Industry for System Integrators, Value-Added Resellers, and Consultants

Did you know?

57% - that's how far the average manufacturing buyer is through the decision process before engaging system integrators, VAR’s, and consultants?

This is an alarming statistic. 57% of your buyers are already in your buying cycle before you even know about it. But it’s especially distressing if you are in the manufacturing industry.

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12 Lead Magnet Ideas To Drive More Leads


I hear this all the time from prospects, partners, and our readership. Have you heard this before?

  • WEBSITE TRAFFIC IS LOW: “Our website sucks! It’s not getting any traffic and it doesn’t capture any leads for our sales team.”
  • BLOGGING ISN’T WORKING: “We putting in tons of resources and effort into blogging but isn’t paying off.”
  • PROSPECTING ISN’T WORKING: “Our sales teams are having a very difficult time getting the attention of new prospects. And, what used to work, no longer does.”

If you are experiencing any of these issues, well read on… 

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The Top 10 Manufacturing Blogs On The Web

The Best Of The Best

What makes the best manufacturing blog? That can signify a rather subjective question that remains dependent on whom you ask. There are hundreds of manufacturing publications, many of which deserve acknowledgment for their unique positioning and industry perspectives. Lucky for you, though, I love digging through analytics and putting data points behind my decisions. This top manufacturing blogs list has pulled the most read, talked about, and shared websites to one location so they can duke it out for the first place spot. 

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