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Burlington Innovation Week & Tech Jam - Wrap-Up

Centered around the largest city in Vermont, the Burlington metro area isn’t all that large — Burlington has only 42,284 residents, and about a quarter of them are students at the University of Vermont — but it does have a strong culture of entrepreneurship and tech. The Ben & Jerry’s ice cream franchise began here in a renovated gas station. This Northeast tourist destination makes the list because of its high number of tech-related patents, the third highest for 1,000 residents in our top 10 list. The area also enjoys a slightly above-average density of tech start-ups.

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How to Grow Your Business Profitably in 2015

  • Use digital marketing to grow your local business.
  • Close your performance gaps and create a performance-driven business.
  • Grow your business with inbound marketing.
  • Create a connection to buyers' experience.
  • Use analytics to show results.
  • Create a predictable marketing system that drives sales.
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