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Best URL Shorteners: Make Use of UTM Code

URL Shorteners: Going Beyond the Shortlink

I originally wrote this article with the intent to discuss the advantages of using the URL shortener, and while this service is still relevant, over the years new competitors have popped up within the market. In many cases, they provide similar and arguably better functionality. For people using Hootsuite there’s, for LinkedIn users there’s, and of course, there are the big players like Bitly.

Like many things in life finding the "best" is relative. As every user wants or needs different features, there is no black and white. Of course it’ll depend on whether you’re looking for a service that works for free or if you’d rather go up stream for a paid option. So, the question has become, which link shortener is right for you?

Topics: Marketing Technology

It’s Time to Revolutionize Your Company's Marketing Technology Stack

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn to navigate the extensive marketing technology landscape.
  • Apply practical steps to your company’s marketing technology strategy.
  • Is it time to revolutionize your company's marketing technology stack?

Marketing technology has been around for a while now, but recently there has been an explosion of solution offerings. You can find everything from one-off specialization systems to an all-in-one interfaces. Martech enthusiasts already know there are over 4,000 options, and that has been an exponential increase from 2015. What we might not know is the choice paradox states: Too many options has a negative effect on satisfaction. This occurs because too many options increases time and effort spent on decisions, which leads to increased anxiety, larger expectations, and self-blame. Ouch...

Topics: Marketing Technology

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