Data Analysis

As marketing evolves, companies are finding themselves with more and more data to use to inform their decision making. But, having all that data is useless unless you’re able to draw insights from it. Our team is able to analyze data on various platforms to help you get the most out of your marketing strategy.

Marketing Data Analysis

Critical Concepts for High Performing Data Analysis

Use data to drive your business forward.

Predictive Analytics

How good are your leads and where are they in the buying process? We use predictive analytics like lead scoring and lead grading to get an idea of your website visitors’ level of interest in your offerings based on their industry and buying signals, such as downloads, page views, and forms. Gathering information on your leads prevents your sales team from wasting time with prospects who aren’t quite ready to speak with a sales rep yet or prospects who don’t fit your ideal buyer persona.

Marketing Performance Scorecards

Before your campaign begins, we determine what key performance indicators (KPIs) we should track to help us gauge the success of our marketing initiatives and ensure we’re achieving your key business objectives. To keep you in the know, Matrix compiles a marketing performance scorecard featuring your primary goals and up to 10 supporting KPIs for each section of the marketing funnel.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides you with a lot of valuable information on your website traffic, but frequently companies don’t know how to leverage that data to improve their business. We can help you implement and manage your Google Analytics data so that you can increase your understanding of your customers’ behaviors and make more informed marketing strategy decisions.

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