What to Look for in a Marketing Agency

Finding the right marketing agency is one of the most important decisions you can make for your business in today’s competitive marketplace. No matter what type of business you’re promoting, a good agency can help your business grow — or eventually destroy it.

In our experience companies that select the wrong agency end up missing one, two or all three of these important elements:

  1. The right strategy
  2. The right talent
  3. The right technology

The right technology for your business depends on your strategyYou need a technology foundation that supports, manages and scales your marketing activities. At Matrix Marketing Group, a Denver marketing agency, we advise our clients to have at least the following – a marketing automation system, a CRM system, a sales communication platform, and possibly a social media platform (if the marketing automation tool doesn’t have it).

Companies that have adopted marketing automation out-perform those that haven’t.

Why are top-performing businesses winning with marketing automation? In a nutshell:  higher conversion rates and better data. Marketing automation provides a digital infrastructure to manage, measure, and optimize your sales and marketing funnel. You can get in front of prospects earlier and stay engaged with modern buyers who are hyper-connected, empowered, and impatient.




But even more important than the latest shiny tools of the trade, is finding the right talent to guide your efforts. If the agency doesn’t have the right people, they are going to run you straight off a cliff. Having just the right mix of talent to guide and execute your marketing strategy will truly make or break your ROI.


As important as concrete skills and experience are, it’s just as vital to have a marketing agency that integrates smoothly into your business. It’s rare to find the true collaboration that can happen when the marketing agency becomes a seamless part of your business. You’re looking for the best marketing agency in the business, one that can become as savvy about your industry as you are.

What Type of Marketing Agency is Right for You?

If you’re searching for a successful marketing agency partnership for your business, you have several types to choose from.

Here are some pros and cons to consider:

  • Freelancers or independent contractors are usually the least expensive option. They’re a good choice for small businesses that need a single project complete. However, freelancers are usually specialized in a particular area, so you’ll have to shop and manage more than one freelancer if you need more than a single task to support.
  • Traditional or Boutique Firms focus on one or two marketing techniques and avoid the rest. If your strategy is to increase your social media presence, for example, these types of agencies may be all you need. On the flip side, if you need additional services to grow revenue, you might find yourself searching for another agency or agencies to fill the gaps.
  • Hybrid Agencies combine the best of all worlds, offering marketing strategy and execution in order to grow a business. Their approach is holistic and they provide you with the talent, technology and strategy to grow revenue. They usually have a senior level team with cross-functional talent, so you essentially get experts in all areas of marketing. There’s a lot of peace of mind with this approach since your outsourced resources support all of the areas of marketing your team may lack.

Finding the right agency-partner will be one of the most important decisions you’ll make in the lifetime of your business. Choose wisely — the agency you select will be responsible for helping you create more qualified leads, invest in your future business growth, and monitoring your marketing return-on-investment (ROI).

Business Case for Outsourcing

The agency you choose should address your business’ specific goals. They are nimble, action-oriented and can quickly leverage real-time marketing opportunities. Look for a team that is diverse — of skill set, thinking, and experience. You want teams that are unselfish and autonomous, but one that is cross-functional. Everyone on the team has a clear view of the future and becomes a seamless extension of your team.

Matrix Marketing Group is an example of a hybrid agency, offering both strategy and implementation of marketing techniques designed help you find active vs. passive buyers to grow your business. Matrix Marketing Group will design packaged marketing solutions customized to achieve your business goals. Learn more …

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