Twinstar Inc. Before hiring Matrix Marketing Group, Twinstar was only generating 2 – 3 appointments every month, because their only sales pipeline came from word of mouth and referrals. The steady stream of new meetings helped the CEO of Twinstar, accelerate their sales growth and get on track to beat their revenue targets. The CEO felt the pressure from the rest of the team and wanted to make sure they had the right processes in place to succeed. Their initial plan was to hire a team of 2 – 4 outbound SDRs plus a manager, but building a team that large from scratch could take 6 – 12 months before the new team members were providing a return. Additionally, hiring a large team was a risky play for Twinstar, having raised little outside capital, if outbound didn’t become a profitable sales channel the company would have to lay off five team members and would have wasted 6 – 12 months of time + salaries. That’s when they reached out to Matrix Marketing Group to find out what could be done to help the CEO increase revenue. They evaluated many options ranging from direct competitors, list providers, and even doing it themselves with a resource overseas.


The CEO began working with us and the first thing we did was our positioning workshop to fine-tune their targeting and create a go-to-market strategy for each of their niches. This helped reduce the sales cycle with a hyper-personalization outreach strategy.


At the end of the day, Twinstar’s CEO liked the experience our team brought and the fact that we had already dealt with most of the roadblocks they faced. As an added bonus, we were able to help Twinstar increase conversations quickly through an integrated marketing program.

Within the first 3 weeks, our Marketing Team was generating new sales leads and meetings for them. By the third month, we were consistently delivering over 7 new meetings a week.  Over the first six months, we helped Twinstar add seven additional 6-figure deals to the pipeline and they started to closed deal fill the pipeline and shorten the sales cycle. Twinstar went from 2 meeting per month to over 30 meetings a month


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