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Revenue acceleration for technology companies

Lead generation is the #1 lever that drives revenue growth for technology companies

From product design to time-to-market to supply chains to production to customer experience, digitization is transforming the way industry functions—and unleashing global opportunities for value creation.

We help high growth high-tech. companies:

  • Define your positioning and get the story out (e.g., target markets, ideal customer profile, buyer personas, buyer journey, and messaging strategy)
  • Create and support full-funnel marketing strategy and tactics (e.g., websites, go-to-market plans, create marketing collateral, and marketing content to help market products and/or services)
  • Support sales enablement (e.g., prospect workflows, lead scoring, sales and marketing alignment, sales ready leads, and technology solutions)

Digital marketers have fallen into an echo chamber of meaningless buzzwords like inbound marketing, content marketing, and growth hacking.

Matrix Marketing Group is a performance-based marketing agency focused on high-growth technology companies. Whether your company is a start-up preparing to launch, a mezzanine technology company accelerating your business to the next level, or a veteran player needing to accelerate lead generation, we help you get more sales.

We have deep roots in technology, working on medical devices, enterprise resources planning (ERP) software, SaaS Software, to supply chain management systems. Matrix Marketing Group professionals are trained and use Agile and Scrum methodologies. Agile methodology used in software development yields greater marketing effectiveness and efficiency.


Building a strategy requires extensive knowledge of your customer -- knowing whattechnology to say to them, and where to reach them at the right time. Matrix Marketing Group tests your current approach, finds your gaps, and builds your strategy based on your goals. We track more than 100 metrics so we’re monitoring the strategy to make sure our efforts are contributing to the bottom line.


Even small high-tech companies need technology to grow their technologybusiness. If you have a technology foundation in place, we’ll test and improve your systems and make recommendations on how to optimize them. If you haven’t invested in technology yet, we’ll advise you on the processes and systems you need to create a solid foundation for success.  We are vendor agnostic, so we can objectively look at the tools that will make you the most successful.


Our team of senior-level marketers and designers will guide you and support you. technologyWe’re a seamless extension of your team, providing you with industry best practices and state-of-the-art techniques so you can achieve your revenue growth goals faster. You’ll have one point person who will manage your account on a continued basis.


 Featured clients:

Matrix is proud to work with companies like IBM, TrackVia, Baan, and CenterStone helping them build a path to faster revenue growth.


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