Manufacturing Marketing

Revenue Acceleration for The Manufacturing Sector

57% of the purchasing process is over before customers ever talk to you.

From product design to supply chains to production, digitization is transforming the way the manufacturing industry functions—and it is unleashing global opportunities for value creation.

Manufacturers and distributors of consumer and industrial goods often struggle to guide their customers through a complex purchasing decision. Your digital presence is your first chance to make the right impression at every stage of the buyer journey - from initial contact through their online research.

Clients tell us these are their top marketing challenges:

  • IT'S DIFFICULT to prove the ROI for their marketing programs
  • MANAGING OUR WEBSITE IS TIME CONSUMING:  “Our website does nothing for sales! It’s not getting any traffic and it doesn’t capture any leads for our sales team.”
  • BLOGGING ISN’T WORKING: “We're putting tons of resources and effort into blogging but it isn’t paying off.”
  • PROSPECTING ISN’T WORKING: “Our sales teams are having a very difficult time getting the attention of new prospects. What used to work, no longer does.”

Every manufacturing marketer faces different challenges. We get it. Although we typically share similar goals, some companies are stuck on hiring top talent, while others are having trouble finding the right technology to meet their needs.

Whatever your situation may be, there is always at least one or two areas you can improve. There is always room to optimize various components of your strategy and turn your marketing into an even more effective revenue generator.

Matrix Marketing Group helps manufacturers communicate their offering through offline, digital, and mobile channels. 

For over a decade, Matrix Marketing Group has been helping companies in the manufacturing space.  You've got a senior-level "partner" under one roof to provide you with a uniquely holistic approach that allows you to launch multidisciplinary campaigns with one "highly qualified contact" being completely accountable for development through deployment.

Manufacturing Marketing Lead Generation


Building a manufacturing marketing strategy requires extensive knowledge of yoManufacturing Marketing Strategyur market and customer -- knowing what to say to them, and where to reach them at the right time. Matrix Marketing Group evaluates your current approach, finds your gaps, and builds your strategy based on your goals. We track more than 100 metrics, so we’re closely monitoring the strategy to make sure our efforts are contributing to the bottom line.


Manufacturing companies need technology to grow their business. Manufacturing Marketing TechnologyIf you have a technology foundation in place, we’ll evaluate your systems and make recommendations on how to optimize them. If you haven’t invested in technology yet, we’ll advise you on the systems you need to create a solid foundation for your marketing processes.  We are vendor agnostic, so we can objectively look at the tools that will make you the most successful.


Our team of senior-level marketers, content writers, and designers will guide you and Manufacturing Marketing Talentsupport your marketing efforts to drive proven results. We’re a seamless extension of your team, providing you with industry best practices and proven techniques so you can achieve your revenue growth goals faster. You’ll have one point of contact who will manage your account on a continued basis.

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Matrix is proud to work with companies like KPM, CoCreate Software, Baan, OCI, TrackVia, New Belgium Brewing, Streamline Systems, and DPI International helping them build a path to faster revenue growth.


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Revenue Acceleration for The Manufacturing Sector

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